We care for you!

Our goal is to offer you more quality of life and to strengthen you in your healing process. Our therapists have good knowledge in training and many years of experience. We exchange information regularly and let ourselves be inspired by the latest scientific achievements so that we can stay on the right track for you!

We choose our treatment methods wisely and individually in consultation with our clients.

Physiotherapy Schenk is recognized by all health insurance companies and accident insurers. All treatment costs prescribed by your doctor are covered by the insurance..

Has your doctor prescribed physiotherapy for you?

Do you have pain?

Do you have questions regarding your health?

We consult you kindly.

The aim of physiotherapy is to treat complaints and functional restrictions in the musculoskeletal system with the help of natural applications.

Here you will find information about our offers.

Strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination are essential elements for good fitness level.

In order to develop more strength, regular strain on our muscles is needed. The same applies to our cardiovascular system as it should also be adequately regularly challenged.

Stay fit! and we are happy to assist you.

All complementary therapeutic approaches are a complement to "classic" conventional medicine. Pain can be alleviated, blockages can be released and body harmony can be restored.

In our practice we offer acupuncture massage, foot reflex zone therapy,classic and medical massage.


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