Miranda Ochsner 

Dipl. Physiotherapist BSc

Movement and to inspire others to move are important components in my life. I take in consideration the great importance of using my therapy methods in a targeted manner. By doing so, I use the latest scientific knowledge to provide my clients with the latest therapeutic approaches.

In my free time I am often drawn to nature - I am out in the mountains in summer and winter. I like to travel to foreign countries with my backpack and tent and learn new cultures and people.

Main emphasis:

  • Sportphysiotherapie (CAS ZHAW) & Kinesio-Taping
  • Manuelle Therapie (Maitland)
  • Triggerpunkttherapie / DryNeedling (IMTT)
  • Manuelle Lymphdrainage mit Bandage


Physiotherapy Schenk AG

Zugerstrasse 24 A , 8810 Horgen

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Opening hours


Monday - Friday  7.30 - 19.00


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  7.15 - 20.30

Wednesday & Friday  7.15 - 19.00

Saturday  9.00 - 14.00