Complementary therapy

Complementary therapeutic approaches are extra services to "classic" conventional medicine. Pain can be alleviated, blockages released and body harmony restored. All complementary forms of treatment are carried out by experienced physiotherapists.

We offer in our practice acupuncture massage, foot reflexology therapy and classic massage. We would be happy to inform you personally about our offers.

Prises (self-payers):

Classic massage, 30 Minutes à CHF 65.-

Classic massage, 30 Minutes (10 subscription) CHF 585.-

Classic massage, 60 Minutes à CHF 130.-

Classic massage, 60 Minutes (10 subscription) CHF 1170.-

Reflexology therapy on Feet, 60 Minutes CHF 130.-

Acupuncture massage, APM/ESB, 60 Minutes CHF 130.-

All kinds of complementar treatments will be covered by your supplementary insurance. Please ask in advance of your registration your insurance company and enjoy being assigned to our recognized therapists for additional services when you register for appointment.


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